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    Causes and Treatments for Shoulder Pain

    Causes and Treatment for Shoulder Pain

    Causes and Treatment for Shoulder Pain

    I’m Doctor Timothy Lukas, an Associate and Co-founder of Advanced Orthopedics in Point Huron. I’ve been in the Port Huron, Michigan area for over 14 years. I trained at Henry Ford Hospital and University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. I specialize in hip, knee and shoulder surgery.

    I’d like to talk today about shoulder pain. There are many causes of shoulder pain. Most patients note pain radiating from the shoulder, sometimes down to the elbow. The pain seems to be worse with overhead use and at night. It can limit function and can also cause stiffness. Several different conditions can cause shoulder pain including:

    • bursitis
    • rotator cuff impingement
    • rotator cuff tendonitis
    • tears
    • arthritis
    • frozen shoulder.

    Different treatment options are available for patients, including:

    • medications
    • stretching regimens
    • physical therapy injections
    • sometimes surgery.

    Shoulder surgery has evolved over the past decade. Rotator cuff repair and impingement surgery is all done arthroscopically. Special training is required to perform all arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs. The recovery is less painful and faster for most patients.

    If you, a friend, family member suffers from shoulder pain, I would encourage you to visit advancedorthopedics.com, or call for an appointment with myself, Dr. Timothy Lukas, MD. for an evaluation.

    Causes and Treatments for Shoulder Pain

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