• 03 JUL 14
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    Frozen Shoulder Pain and Stiffness

    Frozen Shoulder Pain

    Frozen Shoulder

    Hello, I’m Dr. Timothy Lukas at Advanced Orthopedics in Port Huron, Michigan. Today I’d like to talk a few moments about frozen shoulder.

    Patients that have frozen shoulder develop it sometimes without any preceding injury or problems. The shoulder becomes quite stiff and painful during the initial phase.  Patients have an inability to raise their arm over their head, and feel like their shoulder is stuck. It can give significant night pain and symptoms.

    Treatment for frozen shoulder includes:

    • anti-inflammatory medications
    • physical therapy
    • potentially a cortisone injection.

    If the shoulder remains stiff despite conservative treatment, sometimes manipulating the shoulder to break the scar tissue or adhesions can be quite helpful. Patients that have diabetes tend to be more prone to developing frozen shoulder.

    Again, this is Dr. Timothy Lucas at Advanced Orthopedics in Port Huron, Michigan. If you or a loved one suffers from shoulder pain, stiffness or weakness, I’d encourage you to come in for an evaluation.

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