• 03 JUL 14
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    Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Available in Port Huron, MI

    Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

    Knee Pain

    Hi, I am Dr. Timothy Lukas and I’m a co-founder and Associate at Advanced Orthopedics and have been in the Port Huron area for 14 years. I trained at Henry Ford Hospital, along with University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School. Today, I’d like to talk about partial knee replacement or knee resurfacing.

    The knee has 3 compartments, the medial, the lateral, and the patellofemoral compartment. Patients that have isolated medial compartment osteoarthritis can be candidates for partial knee replacement.  Newer techniques have been developed, including use of robotic assistants or the MAKOplasty, for partial knee replacement. Both partial knee replacement and total knee replacement have benefits. The total knee replacement being more durable and more complete pain relief for most patients. The partial knee replacement does retain the anterior cruciate ligament, so patients feel their knee acts more like a normal knee with activity.

    If you’re contemplating either partial knee replacement or total knee replacement, I would encourage you to visit www.advancedorthopedics.com and to come in and see myself, Dr. Timothy Lucas, for a consultation.

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